I Am A Virgin.

A 19 year old college student. Believe it

There’s a few of us left…and yes you are looking at a rare breed.Incredible.

Although I’ve said it here, that I am a virgin, I’ll admit that I don’t go around announcing to everyone that I am a virgin. Today it seems like nobody is a virgin…and thus you feel a little left out if you are one.

Now. Some may believe that virgins are goody goody or are not pretty and use the excuse that they are holding out for the right man..and that is only because..they cannot get a guy…so on, you get what Im saying right?

Well let me tell you something. I am far from a goody goody. And trust me I’ve had plenty of times when I could of lost this title but choose not to or plainly said…. I was too chicken to jump.

I’ve lost count of how many guys I’ve made out with and gotten pretty far with. I know that sounds a little slutty but I am positive I am not a slut.

I have a few friends who don’t even believe I am still a virgin and think I am lying. And that’s when you see what your “friends” really think of you and you- eliminate them. ELIMINATE

But then I think…can you blame them? Do I really act in such a way (slutty) that my friends think I  am clearly not a virgin..when secretly I really am??

I’m just curious…

So fuck it. To make it clear. I am a slutty virgin.

It makes perfect sense to me.

Say it proud. Slutty Virgin.


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